Grounds for Celebration: Know Where Your Coffee Comes From!

If you’re still spending your hard-earned dollars on Starbucks, you need to re-think how you feed your daily java addiction. It’s been known for some time that these corporate chains are the bane of local coffee joints and are reluctant to participate in sustainable practices like fair trade.

Thank goodness for Grounds for Celebration. It’s a guilt-free way to indulge your coffee habit.  There’s no question about the processes used to turn a green coffee bean into the delicious beverage you hold in your hand. George Rivera-Davis, the creator and owner of Grounds for Celebration, receives all his beans fresh every week directly from his family-run farm in Panama. Then Davis and his experts roast the beans right in their Beaverdale store.

If you care what your coffee tastes like, take your taste buds to Grounds for Celebration. The owners have had over 15 years of international experience in the coffee production process and are also certified tea blenders. Their menu offers a wide variety of teas, pastries, Gelato, lunch items and of course, any coffee concoction you can imagine. You’re guaranteed that the beans used to make your daily vice have been recently delivered and freshly brewed.

If you care how your coffee was produced, take your dollars to Grounds for Celebration. From beans grown, harvested and roasted by family members, to shops that offer a unique coffeehouse vibe and support local artists, Grounds for Celebration is a local leader in supporting sustainable and ethical business practices.

Make sure to check out their Beaverdale, Windsor Heights and West Des Moines locations, and don’t forget to bring your Urban Card! Grounds for Celebration will be offering an incredible 25% off their bulk coffees to Urban Card holders. Now you have no excuse to buy overpriced, bland corporate coffee. Support local business and still save your money with Urban 515 and Grounds for Celebration!

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2 Comments → “Grounds for Celebration: Know Where Your Coffee Comes From!”

  1. J.P. Richardson 7 years ago  

    Does the local family really own the farm in Panama?

  2. Sarah 7 years ago  

    Yep! Gives a new meaning to all in the family, huh? Their website gives a more in depth explanation.

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