Miss Kitty's is the Best of Both Worlds

At first glance, Miss Kitty’s Dance Hall and Cyber Saloon appears to be a bar with an identity crisis. The décor is country, the DJ is spinning hip-hop tracks, and the dance floor is turning into a club. The disco ball saddle hanging from the ceiling pretty much sums up this giant contradiction. But by the end of the night, Miss Kitty’s proves that it’s hands down the ultimate destination for experiencing the best of both worlds.

Saddle turned disco ball

Miss Kitty’s opened in 1998 as strictly a country bar, and while it’s gone through many changes since then, it hasn’t lost sight of its beginnings. At 9000 square feet, it’s still Des Moines’s largest country bar. Happy hour plays exclusively country music, waitresses sell beer from troughs and shots from holsters, and “real cowgirls” can use the urinal in the ladies room (guys have their own bathroom accessory: a two-way mirror that looks straight out to the dance floor). They even offer line dancing lessons on Wednesday and Thursday evenings (to add to their multiple personalities, they also offer salsa dancing lessons once a week).

Monica the barber chair in action

But as the night goes on, the DJ starts cranking out top 40 tunes, and the crowd hits the dance floor. Where else can you see rocker chicks and guys in cowboy boots dancing with each other to pop, then hip-hop, then country jams and back again? If you’re lucky, you might even get to meet Miss Kitty’s most famous patron – Monica. She’s the barber’s chair where every birthday girl and bachelorette gets to take her celebratory shot, and hence she’s also the envy of every cowboy in the place.

So after you’ve kicked up your boots, sung along to your favorite top 40 song and danced your butt off (in that order), you tell us – is Miss Kitty’s a bar with an identity crisis? No, it’s much, much more. Miss Kitty’s is one of the rowdiest additions to the Urban 515 local business alliance. It’s the bar that can do the work of four; that can effortlessly pull off any style and still not seem like it’s trying too hard – kind of like the popular kid you envied in high school. Miss Kitty’s is your chance to hang with the popular kids and experience the best of both worlds.

Find out more info about Miss Kitty’s here and here, and don’t forget to bring your Urban Card next time you stop by. You’ll be getting 20% off your entire tab, y’all! (M/W/F only)

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