Local Bingo with Urban515 and KCCI

Urban515 is all about welcoming the retro classics that once saw their day and are ready to make their modern comeback. This summer…it’s BINGO! Who doesn’t love this simple game of numbers or have wonderful memories of a humid BINGO hall filled with cigarette smoke and anticipation? I, too, have fond memories of making fluorescent ink dots to make four corners or a solid line winner-winner-chicken-dinner; however, the new active version of this game is much more my style.

Already better than a BINGO hall, right?

In collaboration with KCCI, Urban515 is proud to introduce Local BINGO – an interactive twist on an old school favorite! The intention of this partnership campaign is to show the power of many local brands banding together to do something fun for their customer communities.

The Local BINGO promotion is set to launch later this month and is packed with great prizes to win after visiting your preferred local hot spots, collecting a stamp, and making a BINGO. We still have some finer details to finalize, but we’re safe to name-drop a few local businesses that will participating in the promotion – Copper Creek Golf Club, Gusto Pizza Co., Campbell’s Nutrition, Dos Rios, Flying Mango, and Proof! Sorry for the teaser post, but we just couldn’t help ourselves! Stay tuned…more to come!

Shawna P playing some Local Bingo at La Mie!

Oh – and don’t forget your Urban Card to save as you play.  Don’t have an Urban Card? Get one to get geared up for Local BINGO!

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