Are You Playing Local BINGO for the Weekly Prizes?

Have you heard about Local BINGO, yet? Sarah Palin has!

Image courtesy of Business Insider and @zekejmiller

Yes, I must admit I relentlessly pursued her at the state fair like the mob of folks who have rarely, if ever, brushed up against a semi-star. I was surprised to see the appearance of Sarah Palin draw more attention (by strategic design, of course) than the occasional drop-in of Ashton and Demi.

However, I was perhaps more surprised to see my fearless husband fight his way to the front of the pack to show Sarah our noteworthy Local BINGO card and to talk with her about the Urban515 promotion to support local and small businesses here in greater Des Moines. My bad – I was not prepared with a video camera, which I guess makes me novice paparazzi, but we did come away with an autograph of what could be the next president of the United States??????

First stop, Sarah Palin. Second stop, the Iowa Craft Brew tent for a beer and a stamp!

The rest of my weekend was full of Local BINGO…yesterday my son and I wandered out-and-about to see who else was playing and ran into Ingrid Larsen of Ankeny at the Friedrichs Coffee on 86th, who highly recommended the freshly brewed iced coffee and kid-friendly smoothies which made my ordering easy and, of course, earned me my G3 stamp!

Ingrid getting her Local BINGO stamp from Lori Johnson at Friedrichs Coffee.

Ingrid is playing for the prizes - a trip to Cabo San Lucas and the weekly drawings that start next Wednesday!

Turner with his honey-sweetened strawberry smoothie and our Local BINGO card.

It’s official, Local BINGO is well underway, and we’re adding one more element needed to make our bingo game feel like…well…bingo. There’s something supernatural about the anticipation of the win – hearing the caller mumble into the fuzzy mic the last number needed for you to yell out – BINGO!!!!!!!!!!!!

We’re coming with just that – the anticipation of the win! In addition to the grand prize, we’ve gone to work collecting some sweet weekly prize packages you won’t want to miss out on for foodies, golfers, downtown-goers, and everyone in between. Now you can wait in hopeful expectation each Wednesday for your name to be called out on Facebook.

Here’s how to win weekly:

  1. Play Local BINGO
  2. Upload a picture of yourself and your BINGO card at one of the participating local merchants to Facebook
  3. @mention Urban515 in your photo caption which submits your entry OR…post your images directly to our wall and tag yourself
Then, look out for our first weekly prize post next Wednesday (24th) on Facebook announcing the winner of a Court Avenue Crawl downtown gift package with $100 worth of certificates to the Kirkwood Lounge, Fong’s Pizza, and Dos Rios!
Giddy up, gamers!

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