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The fair is over and Restaurant Week is winding down…what’s next on your radar of local goodness? How about having a little fun between ball games and back-to-school activities with Local BINGO and interacting with your favorite neighborhood spots? It takes only 5 stops / 5 stamps to make a B-I-N-G-O  and we are 4 weeks away from drawing our grand prize of a trip Cabo San Lucas (with weekly drawings in between!). The odds are looking really good all-around and there’s still plenty of time to get in the game to support your local business community.

25 participating businesses - all of them good, all of them local!

For those of you already out there hitting the local scene of Greater Des Moines with your playing cards, we’re hearing some common questions…allow us to shed some light!

Q #1 - How do I win the weekly prizes?

A: It’s easy, here’s how.  Not on Facebook? Just email us your picture at and we’ll take care of the rest!

Just follow Larry Cleverley's example...Upload a picture of yourself playing Local BINGO to our FB wall and tag yourself or “@mention” Urban515 in your photo caption.

Q #2 - How do I get the savings reflected in the grey boxes on the BINGO card?

A: This is what we like to call “Save as you Play” with Urban515. With an Urban Card, you will save money each time you visit the businesses in the grey squares – even after Local BINGO is over. The Urban Card is valid for 12 months of unlimited use and is accepted at over 35 locations (and counting).

A: Simply connect with any of these 3 businesses on Facebook to earn yourself a “virtual” stamp!
There you have it! If you still need more, please reference the FAQ page on our website.

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