Kate's Review of Local BINGO - What's Good, What's Needed?

Most are not aware of how I came to be at Urban515 a couple months ago, I just sort-of appeared. I had never worked in marketing, customer services, or even written a blog, but the values of the company matched my owned deeply held beliefs. Urban is perfect for an independent Cultural-Creative type such as myself, so here I am…trying on new hats.

Because I’m new and not inundated with the inside operations of the company, I am an outsider (of sorts) that can still see from the consumer point-of-view. Think of me on your side today, objectively reviewing Local BINGO – what’s good, what’s needed.

What’s good?

I think it’s cool that 25 all-star local brands have come together to build something fun and interactive for their customers.

I think it’s cool that the grand prize is a trip to Cabo San Lucas, but more specifically to the Pueblo Bonito Sunset Resort and Spa! Have you checked this place out yet? We all love our city, but most agree that a mid-winter trip to the sub-tropics would be a welcomed respite. I love how Local BINGO blends the best of both local and worldly culture.

I think it’s cool that I already frequent most of the businesses on the playing card and it’s simple to get a B-I-N-G-O, it’s simple to win, and the odds of winning are really favorable.

I think it’s cool that Urban515 is giving out other great prizes on Facebook and Twitter almost daily – which easily helps me to segue to “what’s needed,” but before I do, allow me to highlight some of my favorite local prizes still scheduled to be given away:

  1. The Farm-to-Table private tour and dinner for two at Cleverley Farms  (so sweet!)
  2. The Date Night package with a night’s stay at the Suites of 800 Locust and dinner for two (say whaaat!?!)
  3. Free golf at Copper Creek and gift cards to places like La Mie, Mojos, Campbell’s Nutrition, and Proof (all places you’d commonly find me)

Ok, what’s needed? Please excuse my need to play both sides now as you’ll also see my “Urban Voice” found in red:

It’s not cool that the weekly prizes were too complicated to win! I used the past-tense here because as mentioned above, Urban515 has already changed its ways for giving away local prizes – simply join us on social media to answer some trivia questions to win.

It’s not cool that purchasing the Urban Card has not been a smooth experience. The grey boxes on the BINGO card indicate the merchants and incentives offered through the Urban Card program, but the technology Urban515 uses for its online sales is currently experiencing issues. Please understand the anxiety this brings us – we know you want Urban Cards and (of course) we want to give you Urban Cards! We’re working diligently on these technical difficulties and we apologize for the inconvenience in your consumer experience. Please call us at 515.276.9226 or 515.334.4440 , and within 3 minutes we’ll have your card processed over the phone.

Last, but not least…it’s not cool that bingo is NOT cool! Let me tell you my philosophy on “cool.” When I met my husband, his motto was “cool is out” and his swagger was uniquely confident. I used to think, “He doesn’t care what anyone thinks of him.” And because of this attitude, cool was definitely IN, if you pick up what I’m throwin’ down. I found Matt inherently cool by his courage to be himself, not a cooler version of himself. What does this have to do with Local BINGO, you’re asking? Well, here’s the deal. We think Local BINGO is cool, but NOT because we’re trying to be a cooler version of a game most associate with a smoky, lethargic community center. It’s cool because of its guts and values.

Perhaps the Urban version of BINGO is still not your idea of a good time, but…there is a sense of relevance, purpose, and therefore fun to be had in participating in something that supports the local scene of our city.

When caught moping as a kid, my mom used to say “only boring people get bored.” Hmmm… I think this adage may apply to all of us Local BINGOers – we’re called to make our own fun (and culture). In doing so…we just might make a boring game…inherently cool…and that’s the coolest form of cool, don’t you think?


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