One Week Left! Prepare Your Victory Dance.

By this time next week, it’ll be business-as-usual in the Urban515 Office, but not before we crown our Local BINGO Grand Prize Winner! Turns out many Des Moines Localites dig a fun challenge and a chance to win a trip to Cabo San Lucas to escape the snow (not our best local feature) for a few days this winter.

For those of you who have already registered and sent in your BINGO cards, sit back and relax knowing your name could be selected! For all the “I do best under pressure” people the time is now-or-never to get in the game.

With 5 full days of the contest left, we assure you 5 stamps to form a B-I-N-G-O is still within reach. Allow me  to be your Bingo-Ball-Caller (minus the amazing flotation machine) to help you maximize your time and seize the opportunity at hand:

25 Local Business All-Stars. Only 5 stamps needed by Oct 3rd to be a winner!


BINGO Option #1: Get a virtual stamp by connecting with Urban515 on Facebook. Next, head to Big City for lunch tomorrow and to Gino’s West Glen for Martini Fest Friday (Sept 30). Complete your card at Dos Rios on Saturday with plenty of time to spare and some prime Farmer’s Market people watching and table-side guac. Stamp, stamp, free space, stamp, stamp. Voila.

BINGO Option #2: Get a virtual stamp by connecting with KCCI on Facebook. Then, head to Dos Rios for lunch tomorrow, stop by Friedrichs for your morning java-stop on Thursday, try the skate wing (my absolute fave) at Bistro Montage for your Friday date night, and watch the Iowa State game Saturday night while enjoying some cocktails at the Kirkwood Lounge bar. Five easy G-Column stamps for your BINGO card. POW!

BINGO 3 Option #3: Get a virtual stamp by connecting with the Iowa Craft Beer Tent on Facebook. Then, go to Maddy’s Again for lunch tomorrow, seize the moment before the season’s change and take your clients on a golf outing at Copper Creek this week, try Gino’s for a family dinner on Friday, and spend your college football Saturday at Mickey’s Irish Pub in Waukee. O-Column vertical BINGO, Done-zy.

This leaves all day Sunday to practice your BINGO victory dance. Need ideas?

Certainly don’t forget to mail us your card no later than October 3rd to be eligible for the Grand Prize drawing, and have fun these last few days of Local BINGO!

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