Local BINGO ends, but the deals keep on coming!

Local BINGO has now come to a close. We had  so much fun at Urban515 putting it on and thought it was great to see so many all-star brands come together. We’re busy behind-the-scenes today organizing our winners and plan to announce publicly on Friday who they are, so stay tuned.

Another reminder that just because Local BINGO is over, doesn’t mean the goodness goes away. Most of the businesses on the BINGO card are also Urban515 merchants, offering unlimited year-round savings to its Urban Card members. Take Mojo’s on 86th for example – present the Urban Card there and receive a Buy-One-Get-One Free on your entrees! What a great way to dine at one of Des Moines’ finest local restaurants while making your money stretch further. Isn’t that what we all want? The Urban Card is more than just a one-stop deal…this deal at Mojo’s and over 35 other merchants, is available to the you for 12 months-giving you the opportunity to get to know the folks behind the operation, appreciate their offerings and frequent regularly!

Today; however, is a post of shout-outs. We have many people to thank for making Local BINGO so successful.

First – our sponsors.

  1. Dahl’s Foods: Currently celebrating 80 years of business, we’re grateful this local grocery mogul supports its community in a major way. Under the direction of Tim Davis, Dahl’s helped us distribute over 40,000 Local BINGO cards into the Greater Des Moines area. We really appreciate their support.
  2. Phyllis Shappell of Journeys Travel Agency in Des Moines and the Pueblo Bonito Resort and Spa in Cabo San Lucas: Had it not been for Phyllis and her local business, our grand prize may not have been so grand! She went to work securing the trip to Cabo without ever even meeting us in advance! We love shared values align and good things happen. Thanks to her and the amazing 41/2 star Pueblo Bonito for hooking up our grand prize winner with an unforgettable tropical vacay!
  3. LECC: Lantz Elite Carpentry & Construction Inc. is one of Urban’s biggest fans. Owner, Justin Lantz does much more than new construction and the occasional remodel-he’s busy cheering us on and supporting us in any way he can.
  4. KCCI: Thank you, thank you, thank you! We’ve enjoyed working with you and look forward to more opportunities like this.
Second – Our 25 Participating Local BINGO Businesses
We recognize that running a small business is no cake-walk. We do what we do because we value your ideas and your contribution to our community and culture. We’re looking to help you succeed in any way we can. Local BINGO was an effort to do just that, and we thank you for your progressive interests in partner marketing. After all, we are a community who desires the same things as our neighbors and we can do more within the context of a relationship than we can alone.

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