Freshening up!

Is it already that time of year? Oh, yes. The time to start thinking about how I’ll be better, thinner, and all-around happier in 2012…

As a chronic offender of weak resolve come January 15th, I have decided to take a different approach for this coming year and narrow down all my lofty goals into one main objective: Have. More. Fun.

For example, instead of “become Kate-Dundee, the master outdoors woman extraordinaire,” I will instead make more time for nature hikes in Brown’s Woods, head over to Climb Iowa for a new adventure, and even hit a few golf balls with my husband, Matt.

The first thing on my list, however, is to have some fun spicing up my look. I feel it’s easy this time of year to frump-it-up in my favorite house-sweater (Matt says it looks like I’m wrapped in a mattress!) and sweats and hibernate until spring. While this home-body will do her fair share of retreat, I want to begin the season with an inspirational attitude that a little freshen-up can help me achieve. After all, what’s better than feeling and looking your best? I figure even if I decide not to ditch my comfy house-wear, I’ll still feel better wearing it having taken this time to focus on my inner and outer beauty a bit.

My first order of business was a haircut and color. I went to Ashley, my long time stylist and actually had her, well…style my hair! This might sound elementary for the well-put-together ladies, but maybe some of you can relate to the permanent ponytail disorder I am now recovering from. After 10+ inches of fur fell to the ground that day…so did my confidence. “What did you just do!?” No longer can I hide behind my hair. Slowly, my confidence has returned, as it often does after doing something completely outside my box.

My new do.

What’s next and naturally comes after a new haircut? Well, thanks to the Urban Card, I’ve become familiar with Heartland Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery, P.C., one of our newest merchants on the program. Before I lose my fellow au-naturel types, keep reading. Heartland is refreshingly non stereotypical. When I attended their open house last month I found no consistency to the types of people perusing their lobby and menu of offerings. Hmmm…perhaps this place is different, perhaps it’s my next place to play.

While I might be married, I’m not really the Hollywood Housewife type, which is the stereotype I had in my mind of clientele you might find at establishments that offer plastic surgery. Boy, was I mistaken. I love it when I’ve wrongly judged a book by its cover to keep me humble, surprised, and open-minded. While I’m still certain the more-invasive approaches not for this girl, Heartland has so much more to offer that I would have previously dismissed given my initial and  incorrect perspective.

Michon at Heartland...uh..."I'll have what she's having!"

I’ve decided to let Stephanie and Michon, two of Heartland’s chic and knowledgeable practitioners help me with my plan for “natural facial reconstruction” – in the areas of skincare, makeup application, and perhaps even hair removal…we’ll see what they have to say during my consultation with them in January.

It’s Heartland’s January incentives that prompted me to write this post in advance of my consultation so fellow Urban Card members could perhaps capitalize on their specials, posted here.

As for me, I will keep you informed of my beautification process in the months ahead, but for now…it’s back to my sweats and house sweater for a very non-glam and cozy night in. Cheers!

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