Cake Balls in 2012

So it’s 2012, late January at that. I know what you might be thinking. Expecting the apocalypse this year is the best reason EVER for giving up on your New Year’s Resolutions! I mean, how can you beat that?! And…what better says “I’m-having-fun-because-the-world-is-coming-to-an-end-anyway” than eating daily cake balls at Cache Bake Shoppe? Are you with me!? Reminds me a of a movie scene…

Ok, so perhaps getting baked goods lodged two-at-a-time is not really on your bucket list. While cake balls are certainly a part of my 2012 plan for fun-filled living, they are, of course, put into the context of balance. Truth be known, I really care about health – all year, every year…even if chaos is certain to ensue come December 21st.

Perhaps you have made some New Year’s goals that are health related. Good for you. We feel nothing is more worthy of your time, so don’t give up now!

At Urban515, we’re working hard to add merchants to the Urban Card program that can help you in your daily wellness choices. This happens to be an area in which we are passionate, so we’ve chosen the best:

Campbell’s Nutrition - Diane is ready to help you pick out supplements, natural beauty products, and nutritious foods to support your (new) healthy lifestyle. Take your Urban Card for 10% off supplements/beauty products. Need a place to start? Talk to her about how to incorporate more raw foods into your diet and how to improve your digestion with supplements.

True Life Chiropractic (NEW!) - Dr. Tyler Molstre is eager to help you accomplish things in your health you never knew were possible. He believes that healing is something the body does naturally with proper attention given to the nervous system. He’s right. Under Dr.Molstre’s care, I have personally experienced benefits that go beyond the elimination of pain, like a robust immune system, better digestion, increased metabolism, and clearer skin. Urban Card members receive an incredible 20% all chiropractic and massage services!

Snap Fitness (NEW!) - We all know exercise is a major part of health and wellness. Shopping for a gym like everyone else on planet America right now? Let the Urban Card help you with your long list of choices. We dig the convenience of Snap Fitness, and as our first franchise we obviously have an affinity for the owners (Lee and Josh). These very local guys make this brand of fitness go far beyond their wide array of machines, clean facilities, and 24-hour access. They truly care about your wellbeing and the experiences you have there, whether it be in passing or in a personal training session, every customer impression matters to them! As an Urban Card member, you’ll get Buy 6 Months (or 12 Months) Get 6 (or 12) Months Half Off!!!

Heartland Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery, P.C. - Michon and Stephanie would love to help you freshen up your look. A little time spent learning to enhance your beauty improves your self-esteem, and feeling good is a vital part of whole health. Take in your Urban Card for 20% off Seratonin-Plus Weight Loss Program, Botox, Juvederm, Radiesse, laser services, skincare product lines and make-up.

Nutrition Marketplace  If you’re looking for cleansing and detox, the first place to start is your water source! Look no further Urban Card members, Steve has the purest water in town, and you’ll receive a Buy One Gallon Get One Gallon Half Off incentive! Flush away those toxins and keep your body well hydrated with quality H2O, and while you’re in, ask about their health consultations if you’re looking for qualified professionals to help you with specific health concerns.

Good food, good water? Check. Good supplements? Check. Good feel-good products and services? Check. Good posture? Check. Get the cake balls ready, Cache Bake Shoppe…here I come!


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