Adriana's Advice

Listen up, guys! Scratch that. Watch and learn what Adriana Lima says about Valentine’s Day.

Those of you who need something a bit more concrete than “give and you shall receive,” here you go.

Flowers + Dinner + Sweets = Romance.

One more (very important) tip. We know you’re excited and we know you’re posing in the mirror right now bringing sexy back, but tame it, Fabio! We just want to be clear – this is a non-reversible equation and romance comes AFTER the sum total of a perfectly planned evening that is sure to capture the heart of any Valentine you’re set to swoon.

Let the following Merchants help you create an unforgettable Valentine’s Day with the Urban Card®!

Romantic Lunch? Try Proof and get 20% off with your Urban Card®!

Romantic Dinner? Try the mouth-watering prix fixe menu at Mojo’s on 86th!

You’re all set…just don’t deviate from the plan and you’ll be fine! Celebrate your love with the Urban Card®, or just love the Urban Card® – either way there’s lots of local love in the air!


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