Omnivorous Consumerism

At Urban515, we dig saving money but not at the expense of quality goods or experiences. To us saving money means doing MORE of what we love – more community outings, more local food, more chatting with our favorite baristas, more wine, and MOST importantly, more frequency at our favorite spots. This translates into better relationships, better service, and ultimately richer local experiences .

Over the past 12 months approximately 2k Urban Cards have made their way into the hands of fellow 515-ers. With growing numbers has come invaluable feedback. Here’s the conclusive summary:

People are proud locavores, but daily life brings out the omnivorous consumer in us all.

The result?

We’re being called to up the value of the Urban Card®.  Call being answered. Urban515 will continue to place our focus on local DSM spots that tickle our cultural creative fancy, while adding some omnivorous options for the busy American lifestyle.

For those of you steadfast locals who quiver at the thought of anything other than a ma and pa spot on the Urban Card® - fear not. You will not see the golden arches popping up on our program any time soon (translation: ever). Why? Because just as savings does not have to come at the expense of quality, convenience does not have to come at the expense of compromised beliefs and values. Note our commitment to finding the highest quality Merchants that:

1. Value relationships and have practices that reflect a commitment to a quality customer experience.
2. Use Conscious practices (socially, environmentally, fair labor, quality food sourcing, etc.). They don’t have to have all in place – just a regard for them (certainly not a disregard).
3. Give back to our community (non profit/organization/committee) and committed to bettering Des Moines.
4. Contribute to the culture of our growing city and provide an element of life enrichment.

As we continue to grow, our focus remains bringing value to our Card Members, Merchants, and community. Have something to contribute to the topic? Let us hear from you. Email us at or give us a call at 515.276.9226.


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