Freshening Up: Part Deux

It’s working. My 2012 New Year’s Resolution to have more fun is working. I know you uber-disciplined freaks of nature are probably not impressed, but you try it – it’s not as easy as it may sound. Life continues on its normal path regardless if you ask it to “slow down, speed up, be easy on me so I can have more fun, would ya?!”

Big Lesson #1: Having more fun is a mindset, not a bucket list. Maybe it’s a bit of both, but learning to look at the challenges of life as “fun” is the only way you can truly have more of it.

Big Lesson #2: Having more fun means saying “yes” when you want to say “no,” which takes an enormous amount of discipline and willingness to, on some level…lose control.

As I reported back in January, the first phase of my bucket list / have-more-fun-in-2012-tour was to freshen up my look a bit. My goal was not to abandon my oversized house sweater just yet, but to work on feeling sexier in it. Make sense?

Stephanie Brown, esthetician at Heartland, on the cover of DSM Magazine.

I have Stephanie (Bombshell) Brown over at Heartland Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery to thank for not only pampering me with an exquisite (and much needed) customized facial, but also educating me on my skin care routine that also needed some fine tuning. Over the course of 2 sessions, one hour-long consultation and one relaxing service, I’m enlightened and empowered to say the least. Best of all, I have acquired a partner in Stephanie in my ongoing journey of revealing my inner/outer beauty. In addition to the amazing service, I’m very excited about the Jane Iredale natural mineral makeup line she introduced me to.

Jane Iredale Mineral Makeup Line

I’m convinced this is the way it’s supposed to be – solid relationships lead to better consumer experiences and the desire for the businesses to serve their loyal patrons. She knows me now. She knows my skin, my product preferences, my health ideology, and my ideas of beauty. She helped me to look and feel the best in my own skin – not someone else’s or some temporary Hollywood ideal. Priceless.



Perhaps you need a bit of a boost to spend time having your own fun revealing your own beauty. This is exactly why Kari designed the Urban Card…to make decisions like this a bit easier to make, and to facilitate authentic relationships. The Urban Card rewards those of us who truly value experience, connection and loyalty in all facets of life. Merchants like Heartland and Stephanie have me feeling sexy in my fury red sweater and more excited than ever to be a sexy-black Card carrying member.

Thanks, Stephanie, for a great start to my fun-filled, fulfilling year ahead.

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