We Know You Want One

Aw, yes. We’re rounding out the month of March…amidst the swirling storm of receipts and mileage records I’m reminded, yet again, how much better my life (and business) would be with the help of a personal assistant. Enter Swanson eAssistant, one of our newest Merchants on the Urban Card® and founded by Michelle Swanson, personal development extraordinaire.

We know you want a Michelle Swanson in your life!

We all need help. We all have personal values we put aside for essential tasks that fill up our space with busywork. There’s always work to be done (especially during tax season) only to be left unfulfilled and feeling busy rather than productive. That’s essentially why Michelle developed a wide range of services to fill the needs of anyone – the businessperson, the parent, the world traveler, the retired and leisure hobbyist. Although all these folks live very different lives, one thing is central to the American culture – we all want more time, it always feels lacking.

Michelle is a passionate businesswoman and a decorated leader. No task is too small or large for Swanson eAssistant ranging from dry cleaning service, grocery shopping and wedding planning to proposal writing, data entry and other business-related assignments.

Michelle is all about relationships which is why we’ve found ourselves aligned within the Urban Card® Alliance. Times are especially exciting for Swanson eAssistant right now with the recent release of her mobile app with features adding even more convenience to her customers like a simple task-request function.

We’re proud to add another A-Lister to our growing merchant directory and her offering(20% Off Swanson eAssistant with the Urban Card®) provides our members with diversity and real value.


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