It's Just Better

The world is full of preferences. Here are ours:

When The Urban Card Alliance decided to put on its first event last Friday, we did so with some of these “betters” in mind, and with the intention of adding to the list:

  • A party is better with a purpose.
  • An experience is better when it’s personal.
  • A culture is better when elements of vacation are experienced daily in our local environment.

BCa, a perfect primer for an evening out on the town.

On Friday, May 18th, Urban Card Merchant Mint LA Boutique celebrated their first year in business – a perfect reason for a party that we decided to co-host and call Black Card Affair, the first of many. The rooftop of the AP lofts provided an urban backdrop to a sophisticated mix of people looking for unique life enriching experiences and the merchants that provide them.


To sum it up? Fine folks subscribing to the concept that consumerism is far more than a random stop, and selections go far beyond a discount. Urban Card Members and Merchants are central to creating a dynamic and sustainable community by investing in valuable relationships that pave the way to a high quality of life.

We’d like to acknowledge the following Urban Card businesses for participating in Black Card Affair and mention why we chose them:

  1. Mint (Buy One Get One Half Off) – Providing fresh weekly fashions from LA at a truly affordable price point. Happy anniversary!
  2. Tartine (Buy One Get One Half Off) – Providing high quality locally sourced French cuisine with a non-stuffy attitude. We’re also celebrating their first year in business!
  3. Cache Bake Shoppe (20% Off) – Providing classic and contemporary confections with fun baking experiences.
  4. Heartland Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, PC (20% Off) – Providing a great customer experience by offering non-invasive skincare options with the best practitioners in the business.
  5. Big City Burgers and Greens (20% Off) – Providing consciously sourced food and using sustainable business practices in their operation.

Our next venue and event will be announced in the coming months, but until then, use your Urban Card at these local businesses and be recognized as a loyal local. We urge you to find out for yourself how the Urban Card experience stretches far beyond the savings. Once you do, we think you’ll agree that in the crowded space of discounts and daily deals, saving money is “better” with the Urban Card!

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