My New Kama'aina Club

There was once a time when an all-inclusive vacation sounded like the perfect getaway. Some pristine resort oddly quarantined from the local scene – a tourist’s embassy of paradise.

That all changed for me in late spring of 2002, when I adventured abroad to Hawaii for summer studies. The University is on the island of Oahu, very close to world famous Waikiki Beach – a beautiful place, but full of awkward Hawaiian shirts, brutal sunburns, and cliché umbrella cocktails (sex on the beach, anyone?).

As a transient local of sorts, I quickly found the place to be was on the other side of the island where a lady sold greasy roasted chicken on the side of the road, the swells perfect for fearless surfers, and people were in their element – real and natural. Those memories and interactions sculpted me into the person (and consumer) I am today. Everywhere I go or live, I want the real experiences  - the food, the stories, the businesses and the local culture that make a place unique. To me they are superior to the canned and common and are far more life enriching.

So, here I am at the urban card® providing a voice behind one of the most exciting products I’ve ever experienced. When I flash my little black card at Tartine or Mojo’s, it takes me back to my days in Hawaii, privileged to show my ID that qualified me for the famous “kama’aina discount” (for locals only). I am in the club, the small and exclusive space of conscious consumers who believe that savings and value don’t have to come at the expense of a killer experience.

Every time I spend money, I’m making a powerful statement of my beliefs. I am making a choice. A lot of them. All the time. And, I am absolutely in love with the fact that my mindfulness and passion to seek the best in my local scene is having me recognized and rewarded with amazing urban card® benies.

Cheers, to my fellow locals!




Kate Brown, urban card® Alliance

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