Local Ingredients Take Center Stage


Who:       Mojo’s on 86th
Foxboro Square in Johnston [map]
What:      Lunch / Dinner

Try this: Book the private wine room for a party of 6-10.  It’s complimentary.

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What We’re Feelin’:

As a woman who thoroughly enjoys food and wine, there is much to appreciate at Mojo’s on 86th – a seasonal menu, great wine pairings, attentive staff, warm atmosphere, the whole nine. It is their commitment to locally-sourced ingredients, however, that make it one of my favorite local spots. It is a place you will find me often dining casually for lunch or on a date night out.

My favorite Mojo’s menu occurs on the last weekend of every month for Cold Smoke Weekend. What is “Cold Smoke” you might be asking? It is a method of aiding meat preservation and imparting flavor following curing and accomplished by the application of smoke from the burning of aromatic woods cooled to very low temperatures.  Trust me, the final result is absolute perfection and because of the very intricate process, it is not a common home chef undertaking. Hence, a perfect reason for a night out sure to be a crowd pleaser!

Chef Anthony serves up two incredible cold smoke entrees: beef filet and sea scallops. They are offered as separate entrees, or combined into one power packed surf-and-turf. You are in luck; the next Cold Smoke Weekend is this one, August 24th and 25th! With your urban card©, you’ll save a whopping $32!

Also this week is DSM Restaurant week, and the pumpkin gnocchi on their lunch menu is to live for!

Pumpkin Gnocchi...ahhh-mazing.











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