From IA to Hollywood to Martha Stewart!

Now and then I pinch myself  in disbelief of the great folks I get to do business with. It’s been one of those weeks.

Perhaps you’ve read the recent articles written by Des Moines Register and WHO13 on Iowan, Andrew Fuller of Cirmes Tonsorial Parlour, whose men’s shave products are up for nomination to receive Martha  Stewart’s American Made award! These are the same products featured in the 2012 Academy Awards swag bags, earning high profile clients like Tom Cruise and Ryan Gosling. Exciting!


Image Credit: Des Moines Register

In July Urban515 received a compelling inquiry that prompted a sit down. I left my first meeting with Andrew completely inspired. By his products. His passion. And by the experience Cirmes products offers to (re)create for men (think // today’s rendition of a wet shave tradition that took place in barbershops and parlors everywhere).  This revival of sorts is precisely the kind of thing I love. And Andrew Fuller does it as well as anyone.  His passion translates through every product, and those products enrich lives. Everyday.

Not only am I humbled to work with Andrew, I’m also privileged to offer our urban card® Members, member-only pricing on this special line of goods. This is pretty incredible! Products that capture the essence of man– mmm, sexy.  Supporting a fellow Iowan–propah!

Purchase Cirmes products online. Have an urban card®? Receive a generous 25% off your orders (redemption code required at time of checkout).

Compelled to vote your fellow Iowan into the ranks of Martha Stewart?! Do so here.



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