urban card® 2.0: Bringing You More…So Much More

The urban card® has made it past our three year anniversary! It’s hard to believe humble beginnings and our ‘dare to dream that saving money doesn’t have to come at the sacrifice of incredible goods and services’ has made way in the crowded space of discounts, but it has. Des Moinesians have shown that they, too, care about life enriching experiences, conscious practices, great value, and local artisanship of every kind.

And, at our absolute delight, more and more amazing businesses are reaching out to the urban card® to say, we value this type of consumer, send them here to experience the passion we put into our craft and we’ll reward them for their support. The urban card® community is really coming together–an alliance of business owners and consumers eager to build quality relationships and share in life’s simple pleasures.

So here we are, three years later–roots are established, growing deeper and more connected. Thanks to you, we remain inspired to build upon the value of the urban card®.

urban card® 2.0, launching November 1st, 2012 with two new categories rounding out the offerings of the urban card©:

•  Professional Services: a new category of merchants offering savings on goods/services.
•  Events: the city’s greatest events-offered at pricing reserved exclusively to urban card® Members.

With urban card® 2.0, comes a new look. Not only do we have new skin (goodbye Urban515–enter, urban card® Alliance), we’ve grown out of introductory price phase. Urban card 2.0 will be publicly priced at $29.95. But don’t worry, we’re taking care of the folks that have used and loved their urban card® thus far – our initial family of members that have allowed us grow up into what we’re becoming! Prior to urban card 2.0 becoming publicly available (November 1st) we are offering all current card members pre-sale opportunity to renew/extend their card at the introductory price for which they paid ($19.95) for up to 2 years! Do so now. Then, score points with your peeps – you can share this offer with your friends and family!

So far, this has been an incredible experience, bringing the urban card® to market and watching it do its thing. We’re bursting at the seams to announce all the new merchants and benies being added to the 2.0 version of the sexiest little black card out there, but must wrangle our enthusiasm until our release. Thank you for blazing the trail with us, for choosing to care about what (we feel) matters most (relationships), and for believing in the local culture of our city and what it provides, as much as we do.

Upwards, on wards, wiggle-wiggle-wiggle, yeah. (We’re sexy and we know it.)

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