The urban card® has me Jazzed!

Founder of urban card® Alliance, Kari Lantz, loves to use the word “jazzed” when writing…I always edit it to “excited” or “thrilled” or something similar. I don’t know why I do this other than when I say or read that word I feel it should be accompanied by jazz hands. It also reminds me of this guy. But, this post really is about being jazzed, albeit sans the spirit fingers.

Last Saturday (forgive me for the late review) me and my crew went to see Ninety Miles, the highly acclaimed collaboration of Grammy winning and nominated jazz musicians presented by the Civic Music Association. In short, it was a relaxing and sexy night on the town with Latin and afro-Caribbean rhythms filling the space in my head, welcomed by the day’s anxieties. Feeling good and deciding that I need more of this kind of “space” in my life…I decided to purchase a CD and then asked myself how long has it been since I purchased a CD?! Oh well, the musicians can’t sign an MP3 based on a cloud, so I guess it’s ok…I’m so jazzed right now…feelin’ it!

The night began where we seem to mingle frequently on our “cultural” nights out, Coda Lounge in the Savery Hotel. We ordered delicious hibachi beef skewers and warm pecan encrusted goat cheese tapas {20% off with the urban card}. I would be remiss if I didn’t also mention (again) that the cucumber stiletto has me in wanderlust; it is otherworldly good. Coda now rivals Alba as my favorite place in town to get cocktails, and apparently I’m not the only one thinking this. We ran into several other urban card Members while we were there who were also pre-partying for an evening of culture at Ballet Des Moines’ The Nutcracker.

This is what the urban card is all about, guiding people to the city’s best experiences and allowing us to do more of what we love with incredible savings. I, for one, would not have attended the Ninety Miles concert without the amazing $45 I saved with the Buy One Get One FREE incentive they offered to me as an urban card Member. But, now I’m sold on what the Civic Music Association has to offer and will have it on my radar for the future. I’m just so jazzed to be introduced to another layer of cultural offerings available to me in my city, thanks to my little black card. Kari, it’s working – the urban card, that is – I still won’t allow you to use jazzed in any other blog post!

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