About Urban515

Who Are We?

The Urban515 team is a group of local professionals who are passionate about the Des Moines community. We take pride in the leaps and bounds the area has made to offer a competitive, relevant marketplace.  Across the country, experts are realizing just how desirable a place our community is to build a life. While we at Urban 515 have already known this for some time, we’re dedicated to spreading the message by strengthening the local marketplace and encouraging robust growth and development.

What is the Urban Card?

The Urban  Card is a unique,  experience for the community consumer. Over the years, the word “consumerism” has developed a negative connotation. But new movements, such as ethical consumerism, have recently taken off.  This type of lifestyle encourages communities to spend their dollars locally and support their neighboring businesses instead of feeding the corporate giants.

Who is the Card For?

Urban Card Members are conscious consumers who care about their community. They spend their money wisely to encourage a robust and sustainable local marketplace. They develop relationships with the businesses they frequent and participate in an active and vocal consumer scene. They gain access to exclusive savings that only the 515 area can offer.

How Does it Work?

Use your Urban Card at all of your favorite participating local merchants to receive member-only pricing and offers. The card helps you help your community. Voice your opinions and share your card experiences on our blog or facebook page. Follow us on twitter to stay updated on the latest savings opportunities. As an Urban Card Member, you’ll help support, strengthen and save the 515 community, all while gaining access to the best the area has to offer!